Proposed Albuquerque Ordinance
Threatens Your Business

This October, Albuquerque voters will be voting for mandatory paid sick leave for all Albuquerque employees based solely upon a brief, inadequate, 4-sentence description of a broad-reaching and harmful Ordinance.

The so-called Healthy Workforce Ordinance would require all employers, big and small, to provide all employees (full-time, part-time and temporary) within the city with paid sick leave.

Implementation of this law would have a significant negative impact on Albuquerque employers. If adopted, the Ordinance would not be subject to revision or compromise, and would go into effect as is.

Calculate the Cost to Your Business Here . . .

Once you have calculated the impact of this ordinance, please contribute to help us fight to defeat this ordinance in court. 

We suggest a contribution of 10% of the impact on your business.

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Contact your local association coalition member to learn how you can help prevent this job killing ballot initiative from damaging businesses in Albuquerque. ​

10 Things Every Business Should Know About The ABQ Sick Leave Ordinance

1. If the employer takes ANY ADVERSE ACTION against an employee within 90 days of taking sick leave it is presumed the employer is retaliating against the employee, which is a punishable violation under this ordinance.

2. Your Sick Leave Policy Will Change

3. All Employers: Large, Small, for Profit and Nonprofit will have to pay sick leave.

4. All Employees: full-time, part-time, and temporary get 1 hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked.

5. If the employer requires a doctor’s note to prove sickness, the employer pays for the doctor’s visit.

6. The City Attorney can audit and investigate your records with penalties payable to the city. This is monetary incentive for the city to make sure you are doing something wrong.

7. Triple monetary damages and payment for attorneys to the employee if they prevail. Nothing for the employer if they are sued and win.

8. The ordinance allows for punitive litigation including: Class Action, three times monetary damages including lost wages, possible reinstatement, civil penalties of $50 per week per employee, employees attorney fees.

9. This ordinance cannot be changed by the City Council.

10. If you want this economy damaging ordinance to go away. DONATE Today.

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