Paid Sick Leave Full Text On Ballot In Albuquerque

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A.C.H.E. Gets a Win!

Albuquerque taxpayers, employers and employees should all be relieved that the District Court, the New Mexico Supreme Court and now the New Mexico Court of Appeals have all rejected the Plaintiffs’ latest effort to hide and obscure the onerous and extreme details of their sick leave ordinance.

The Plaintiffs’ latest efforts to hide the details of their proposed sick leave ordinance by letting voters see ONLY a misleading summary (instead of the text and details of the seven pages) has now been rejected by the District Court (twice), the New Mexico Supreme Court and the New Mexico Court Appeals.

OleĀ“, formerly known as ACORN, and the other plaintiffs will now have to explain how their 7 page sick leave proposal in small print, does not constitute “voter fraud” by the inclusion of so many separate , expensive and extreme mandates that will drive employers and employees out of Albuquerque and New Mexico.

A.C.H.E., the Albuquerque Coalition for a Healthy Economy, filed a brief in opposition to the interlocutory appeal and the NM Court of Appeals agreed with our position and denied the plaintiffs’ filing.